Know who and how your best customers are finding your Teachable school.

Image via under license to Eric Ramos.

allows creators to share what they know in an online course business. Creators can share video or text instruction to their students through free and paid options. Teachable offers easy-to-use features and fewer tech headaches to get an online course started. Once you get an online course set up, you can track and monitor student enrollments and sales within the Teachable platform.

Video by Author: User Experience from Landing Page to Thank You Page on Teachable’s Platform

Having been in Digital Marketing Analytics for the , the most successful companies implement a culture of accelerated learning to…

Performance Marketing is a type of marketing strategy based entirely on measurable results, where advertisers and marketing companies pay their partners only when a specific task is completed, such as acquiring leads, sign-ups, conversions or sales. This differs from awareness marketing where your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) might be metrics like impressions or clicks with the primary goal of gaining brand awareness. …

Eric Ramos

I help you focus on what matters most through Data Integration and Analysis | Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Guru|

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